Our Mission

When we started our company, we knew one thing: Kushklub would be more than just a cannabis retailer. While our desires deal with being a sought-after brand of quality, medical and recreational cannabis products and accessories, and providing an incredible customer experience, we're also making a REAL difference improving both our local and global community.

Along with food drives, direct donations to non-profit partners and local cleanup campaigns Kushklub also created a program where our members can buy the products that they love while simultaneously improving the lives and environments of others.

Kushklub Community was created to give those passionate as us about cannabis and philanthropy an opportunity to easily participate through their choice of purchases. A portion of all proceeds from products sold with the Kushklub Community logo are donated to our local and global non-profit partners. Kushklub members can purchase any clothing and accessories item from shopkushkollection.com and Kushklub will donate 30% of the sale to our non-profit partners. Members can also purchase select cannabis products at Kushklub.com or in person at Kushklub and we will donate 20% to our non-profit partners.


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