Price Match Guarantee

We are price our products competitively and also provide a price match guarantee.

KushKlub will match the price of any product in any store within 5 miles from us. Some restrictions apply*. Visit us today and save cash on your favorite grass.

*Price match guarantee only for same product/same brand. Price must be verifiable in person or online. Item may not be on discount, special, or limited time sale.

Deals & Specials

The latest discounts and savings on your favorite recreational marijuana products.

Save up to 20% on flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, CBD, and much more when you shop at Shoreline’s favorite store – KushKlub.

  • Leafly & Google Reviews
    10% Off
    We love reviews here at the Klub! We love them so much, we give 10% off regularly priced items for every review!
  • Birthday
    10% off
    Is it your birthday!? Come on down and save 10% on all regularly priced items!!
  • Military/Veteran
    10% Off
    Are you in our wonderful military service? Well if you are, we will give you 10% off your purchase! We appreciate all that you do!!
  • Industry/Neighbor
    20% off
    Are you in the industry? Do you work on our block? Well if you do, you will receive a 20% discount on all regularly priced items!!! Show us proof and it’s yours!

Our Daily Deals

Looking for deals on flower, concenrates or topicals? How about a joint? Find out how you can save money every day.

  • 1/2 Ounce Sundaze
    20% off
    All half ounces are 20% off regular price!
  • Munchie/Midshelf Mondaze
    20% off
    All edibles and topicals are 20% off!

    All $30 eighths and $10 grams are 20% off!

  • Top Shelf Tuesdaze
    20% off
    All eighths $40 and over, and all grams $12 and over are 20% off!!
  • Waxy Wednesdaze
    20% off
    All wax and concentrates are 20% off regular price!
  • Cartridge Thursdaze
    20% off
    All cartridges are 20% off regular price!
  • Doobie Daze (Fri&Sat)
    20% off
    Select pre-rolls will be 20% off regular price!